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Entry for this exhibition will close at midnight on the International Date Line on

Sun, 5 May 2019

All entries and payment must be received before the end of the closing date.

Rules and Definitions

It is important that you adhere to the rules and definitions which apply to the various sections. If you want to see the rules again, click on RULES below - this will open in a different window.

Contacting The Exhibition

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First Entry to the 2019 Exhibition


If this is your first entry to the 2019 Hoylake International, please click on the START button below.


Re-Entry to the 2019 Exhibition


If you wish to change your entry for the 2019 Hoylake International OR your internet connection failed while you were entering, please enter your reference number and then click on the RE-ENTER button below.

Your reference number was shown on the first page of your entry and in the confirmation email which was sent to you when you CONFIRMED your entry to the 2019 Exhibition.

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